Agency Edit


The agency is the first place to go to after logging in. It'll generate nice amounts of TF$ all the time that needs to be collected before the storage gets filled. As your fame level increases (based on your Battle Points), you'll get more TF$ per hour. Upgrading the agency will increase the storage size, allowing you to store more TF$ before you need to collect it, which is very important in order to take full advantage of collecting money while you are not playing.

Agency Upgrades Edit

Building Level Upgrade Price Upgrade Time Maximum Paycheck
Unbuilt 10000 00:00:00 0
1 110000 00:30:00 1600
2 420000 16:00:00 12000
3 1260000 48:00:00 48000
4 2581000 120:00:00 68000
5 Max Level Max Level 12000

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