Factory Edit


The factory is the the place to produce steel. Making steel at the factory is free, but takes time. The more often you log in, the more steel you can produce by using the shorter-time furnaces. You can also increase the amounts of steel you get by upgrading the factory.

Furnaces Edit

There are 4 types of furnaces, each takes a certain amount of time to finish it's work and manufactures an amount of steel based on that time as follows:

Furnace Base Steel Amount Completion Time Collect Now Cost
Hearthfire 12 00:10:00 1
Electric Arc 24 00:30:00 2
Nuclear Energy 36 01:00:00 3
Quantum Energy 120 24:00:00 8

Factory Upgrades Edit

Each factory upgrade increases the amount of steel manufactured by each furnace, making it worthwhile in the long term to upgrade it.

Building Level Upgrade Price Upgrade Time Manufacturing Bonus
Unbuilt 10000 00:00:00 0
1 110000 00:30:00 20
2 420000 16:00:00 40
3 1260000 48:00:00 60
4 2581000 120:00:00 80
5 Max Level Max Level 100

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