Fire Support is no longer available in the game in this form. Instead, players can purchase units in the garrison, which can be used to attack bases. Units can no longer be used in any of the other game modes. 


There are six different types of fire support that you can choose from, for those times that you want a little extra back up. But can only use one per battle! 

Tank Hunter: The Tank Hunter units harrass your enemies, but they are easily killed. You can also kill tank hunters by running them over!

Cost: 10 units of steel .

2X Tank Hunters: Two Tank Hunters equals twice the annoyance for your enemies.

Cost: 30 units of steel.

Quad Commando: Quad commando units chase your enemy with machine gun fire, and are very fast. 

Cost: 20 units Of steel.

Quad Commando And Tank Hunter: A deadly combo of long range and close range fire support. 

Cost: 40 units Of steel.

Attack Hellicopter: Attack Hellicopters are the ultimate tank hunters, shooting deadly missiles.They are very durable, and can only be destroyed with missiles. 

Cost: 50 units of steel.

Attack Hellicopter and Quad Commando: The deadliest support squad available. It's sure to make your enemies tremble with fear!

Cost: 70 units of steel.