The garage is your tank workshop. From here you can upgrade your various tanks, repair them after combat and purchase boosts. You can also easily access the armory and laboratory from this page.

Upgrading Tanks Edit

Tanks have 6 attributes, 5 of which can be upgraded. Upgrading attributes costs steel, the higher the attribute's rank, the higher it's price. The price for upgrades is also affected by the tank itself. More expensive tanks will have more expensive upgrades as well.

At the start of the game you are limited to 5 upgrades per tank. Upgrading your garage allows you to upgrade your tank further.

Boosts Edit

Once an attribute is fully upgrades (5 slots), it can be boosted using TF$. Boosting an attribute gives a further bonus for 3 matches to the boosted attributes.

Garage Upgrades Edit

Upgrading the garage increases the maximum number of attribute upgrades your tank may have. In order to have a tank fully upgraded, your garage has to be at the maximum level of 5.

Building Level Upgrade Price Upgrade Time Max Tank Upgrades
Unbuilt 10000 00:00:00 0
1 110000 00:30:00 5
2 420000 16:00:00 10
3 1260000 48:00:00 15
4 2581000 120:00:00 20
5 Max Level Max Level 25

Specials Edit

These are shortcuts to the Armory and the Laboratory. You can also see if you have an active armor or future tech items by the color of the icons and the 'V' mark.