These are the things making the Tank Fighter world go around:


There are several resources available on Tank Fighter:

Tf dollars

TankFighter Dollar

1. Tank Fighter dollars (TF$): 

Use TF$ to buy weapons and tanks. You can also use TF$ to buy fire support, future tech items , and advanced defense.



2. Steel: 

Use steel for weapon and tank upgrades. You can produce steel in the factory's four furnaces. 



3. Fuel: 

You need fuel to take part in your tank fighting battles. Use 1 barrel of fuel for a single 2P battle, and 2 barrels of fuel for a single 4P deathmatch. Until the cap of 10 barrels of fuel, your fuel will automatically re-fill by one barrel every five minutes. If you want to exceed the 10 barrel cap, you can purchase fuel.



Skull Coins

Skull Coins:
Skull coins are the Tank Fighter currency. You can use skull coins to speed up various processes such as upgrades, or to buy premium items. Either purchase skull coins in the bank, or visit the site 5 days in a row in order to receive 10 skull coins. You can also earn skull coins under the "earn" tab at the top of the screen by participating in various offers such as watching videos or completing surveys.

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