Survival ModeEdit


Available from level 6, this mode pits the player against waves of enemies in an arena. The goal is to survive as long as possible and reach the last 100th wave in order to become the ultimate champion. The mode doesn't feature a league like 2P and 4P, but has a ranking that shows how many players reached each of the leagues of this mode and a weekly, monthly and yearly rankings base on the amount of enemies killed.

Survival Leagues Edit

Each 5 waves you will be promoted to the next league. There are a total of 20 leagues, each is represented with an animal icon.

League Icon League Name Round Range
Leagues logos0001
Mouse 1-5
Leagues logos0006
Rabbit 6-10
Leagues logos0011
Tortoise 11-15
Leagues logos0016
Salamander 16-20
Leagues logos0002
Stallion 21-25
Leagues logos0007
Fox 26-30
Leagues logos0012
Wolf 31-35
Leagues logos0017
Bull 36-40
Leagues logos0003
Gorrila 41-45
Leagues logos0008
Rhino 46-50
Leagues logos0013
Spider 51-55
Leagues logos0018
Scorpion 56-60
Leagues logos0004
Viper 61-65
Leagues logos0009
Crocodile 66-70
Leagues logos0014
Eagle 71-75
Leagues logos0019
Bear 76-80
Leagues logos0005
Shark 81-85
Leagues logos0010
Orca 86-90
Leagues logos0015
Tiger 91-95
Leagues logos0020
Dragon 96-100

Saving Progress and Continues Edit

When you die in survival mode, you have a 10 seconds to decide if you want to continue your game, at the cost of 2 skull coins, or forfeit. If you don't continue, you have the option to save your progress with 5 skull coins. Saving your progress will make you start at the first wave of same league you're at the next time you play survival mode. So, if you save your progress at wave 74, you will still start again at wave 74 when you come back. You will also lose any unclaimed boxes that are on the map.

Rewards Edit

There are several ways to get rewards in survival mode. The most obvious one is to play as far as possible. The more enemies you destroy, the more TF$, XP and BP you'll get. However, rewards are scaled according to your level. a level 10 player will get higher rewards from the easier leagues than a level 50 player.

Another great way to earn rewards is to collect the various boxes that are dropped during the match. As many boxes are dropped, there's a good chance to get many TF$ and XP boxes.

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