Heli attack trio

Heli Attack Trio

Incinerate your enemies on the battlefield with our 14 fierce weapons. Unlock more and more deadly weapons as you reach new levels. 

Weapon AttributesEdit

All of the weapons have five different attributes: Damage, Heat Resistance, Range, Hit Area, and Critical Chance.

Damage: The amount of damage the weapon inflicts.

Heat Resistance: How fast the weapon heats up. With a higher heat resistance, the weapon heats at a slower pace. It is important to note that the numerical representation of the heat resistance is not the only factor in how quickly a weapon heats up. One must also take into account the rate of fire when considering the weapon and comparing it to others. 

Range: The range of the weapon.

Hit Area: The area that the weapon hits when used.

Critical Chance: The chance that the weapon will cause a critical hit.

List of WeaponsEdit


Machine Gun



Flame Thrower

Elite Shotgun

Super Shotgun

Laser Cannon

Hellfire Cannon

Homing Missile

Death Ray

Missile Duo

Missile Barage


Plasma Cannon


Heli Attack

Heli Attack Duo

Flak Cannon

Gas Gun


Dart Storm

Soul Ravager

Heli Attack Trio

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