Weapons Shop Edit

The weapons shop is the place to buy weapons and upgrade them. Most of the weapons are unlocked once reaching a certain level, but some require the player to have a certain amount of medals, which are only achievable from the 2P and 4P leagues.


Weapon Descriptions and Stats Edit

Each weapon has several stats, described in detail in the weapons page. You can also see the effectiveness of each weapon against each type of units found in the game (soldiers, vehicles, specials - which include robots and survival mode's turrets, and air crafts). Damage effectiveness range from not being able to hit the target (red) to very good (dark green).

You can also view a concept picture of the weapon, a short description and a small animation showing you how the weapon hits it's target.

Upgrading Weapons Edit

Weapons can be upgraded using steel. Each weapon starts at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 10. Each upgrade increases the damage, rate of fire and critical chance of the weapon. It also increases the heat generation of the weapon, meaning it'll heat more rapidly. In order to keep your weapons from overheating, make sure to upgrade the cooling attribute of your tank.

The maximum upgrade level of a weapon is determined by the weapons shop level. At first you will be limited and would only be able to upgrade weapons up to level 3. Upgrading the weapons shop will allow you to upgrade your weapons to a higher level.

Building Level Upgrade Price Upgrade Time Max Weapon Upgrades
Unbuilt 10000 00:00:00 0
1 110000 00:30:00 3
2 420000 16:00:00 5
3 1260000 48:00:00 7
4 2581000 120:00:00 9
5 Max Level Max Level 10

Weapons Panel Edit

The weapons panel shows the weapons you will take with you to combat. You can arrange them however you see fit, except for the missile, which can't be moved. It is wise to arrange the weapons a way that will make the most sense to you, and only take the weapons which benefit most for the specific game mode you are going to play.

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